Top 5 Video Tripods for YouTube Vloggers

Video tripods are the tipping point between an exceptional video recording and an ordinary one. No doubt, you need  different accessories to create top-notch video for your YouTube channel. However, the tripod stands in a class of its own in terms of efficiency and importance.

However, not all tripods can provide you with maximum productivity you desire for your YouTube blogs. No doubt, we understand the demand and appeal of a professional video recording quality, and how much your success depends on it. For this reason, we’ve researched and created a list of amazing tripods that can boost your vlogging experience.

In this article, you will get to explore the best tripods for YouTube vlogs. In addition to this, you will get to understand the various components and criteria for selecting the best video tripod. Before you delve into these nuggets, here a few good reasons why you need a video tripod.

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Video Tripod

Important to know the rules before you set out to purchase a video tripod. First, understand that video tripods differ from still photo tripods. Here’s how: video tripods have a natural fluid-like motion, which is possible via the aid of viscous materials like grease and oil. This fluid-like motion cancels out the jerky and ‘amateurish’ feel of videos. On the other hand, still photo tripods have a rigid head, which is essential for taking high-quality images. As a Youtuber, you need a video tripod that can balance between fluidity and rigidity when needed.

Why You Need a Video Tripod

It’s all about stability and fluid motions for your YouTube video recordings. Just a little vibration from the wind or camera shutter is enough to disrupt your professional video recordings. Therefore, video tripods like the Joby GorillaPod, can absorb these minor vibrations, and provide you with a clear high-quality shot.

For example, when taking night time shots or recordings, your camera adjusts exposure and shutter speed in order to get more light into the lens. However, a slower shutter speed causes minor vibrations in your camera, which in turn, leads to jerky video motions. With the right tripod, however, you can accommodate these vibrations and still have a clear recording.

More so, you don’t have to worry about maintaining a particular angle or working in low light conditions. With this, we believe you know why tripods are indispensable. This then brings us to the next important thing on the menu – features to consider when choosing a Video Tripod.

Features to Consider When Selecting a Video Tripod

Today’s markets are saturated with a myriad of tripod products. No doubt this is often confusing to most YouTubers since each product comes with a cocktail of features. For example, the Joby GorillaPod comes with an extremely flexible ball-and-socket stand that can assume and maintain any position.

However, the ball and socket joint wears out easily and loses stability with time. To make your choice easier, we’ve collated the best features to consider when choosing a video tripod for your YouTube vlog experience. What’s more? Our list of best video tripods for YouTube Vloggers is entirely based on this criteria.

Type of Fluid Head

Fluid heads are a major feature in video tripods. Heck! It’s the main distinguishing factor between still photo and video tripods. There are predominately two types of fluid head in video tripods – true fluid head and fluid-effect head. The former is considered the gold standard for achieving a fluid-like professional effect in videos.

True fluid heads have a more complex design, are more expensive, and come with different options such as dampening adjustments to ensure a premium video quality. In video tripods, the more the range of dampening adjustment, the higher your level of control over the precise effects you want in your videos. On the other hand, fluid-effect have a simpler design, are less expensive, and have a limited dampening adjustment.

Tripod Design and Weight

Imagine lugging a 6 pound DSLR or action camera along with a 5-pound tripod on a rocky hill. It’s definitely not a pretty picture. Besides, you stand the risk of damaging your appliances by doing such. Yes, the weight of your tripod matters a lot, especially when you will have to travel with it. Therefore, for a comfortable vlogging experience, YouTubers are encouraged to go for lighter and more durable tripods.

Although expensive, tripods made of carbon fibers are lighter and more durable. Conversely, aluminum tripods are cheap, heavier than the former, and less resistant to wear and tear. Furthermore, ensure that the tripod weight is between 4 and 5 pounds, and shouldn’t be heavier than the camera.

Tripod Height

Once again, this feature is solely dependent on your preference. There are basically two types of tripod stands – tubular feet and non-tubular stands. Irrespective of the type of stand, the conventional tripod stand has between 3 to 5 sections. Therefore, you can select based on your preference. For example, if you have a static vlog – sitting or standing in a fixed position throughout the duration of the video, you might select a tripod with fewer stand sections.


Perhaps, we saved the most important feature for last. Your budget plays a huge role in your career as a Youtuber. More so, it determines the type of tripod you’ll buy. When it comes to buying tripods, expensive doesn’t relate to quality. Conversely, going for the cheapest ones (below $100) might hamper your video quality. Therefore, go for those that can support your vlogging demands.

Top 5 Video Tripods for YouTube Vloggers…

Joby GorillaPod 3K – For the mobile vlogger

YouTube Vlogging on the move has never been easier with the Joby GorillaPod 3K. Yes, it’s versatility makes it a great companion for YouTube in the travel and food niche. With this, they can set their camera to any angle to achieve the perfect video quality.

You can use it as a kind of selfie stick when walking around. It can also be packed away because of its compact size. It’s a unique selling point, however, is the flexible and funky leg feature. These can be wrapped around things like trees for shots outdoors. This provides necessary stability in parks and woodland at the simple stretch of the legs.

Of course, these fantastic features come at some costs to functionality. This is a miniature tripod. It has a maximum weight limit of 3kg which should cover most DSLRs. Anything heavier and you’ll have a problem. The GorillaPod is ideal for on-the-go shots of video coverage and fixed video coverage. More so, the Joby GorillaPod 3K tripod reaches a maximum height of just 12 inches.

Mind you, it’s difficult to extend its legs, and you might need to support it with a platform. No doubt, this makes it an ideal supplementary tripod for on-the-go use with okay functionality at a desk. If you have a more complicated studio setup in mind, this won’t do. It will, however, make your on-the-go vlogs that much easier and simpler to create.


  • Has a Light-weight build
  • Very portable and compact
  • Easy to pack away
  • Flexible wrap-around legs
  • Moderate cost


  • Short tripod height
  • Weak grip around thick objects.
  • Joints may weaken over time

Who’s it for?: Travel and mobile vloggers. A great supplementary tripod for outdoors use. Not for studio only vloggers.

AmazonBasics 60″ Lightweight Tripod, including Bag – For the price-conscious studio vlogger

Want to get into the YouTube vlogging game? Then, this is the right static tripod for you. The AmazonBasics has a durable plastic build that can withstand medium level wear and tear. It is a full-sized tripod with an adjustable height of 60 inches. If you’re looking for a studio tripod for home shoots and are low on cash – this is your solution. Sure, it’s lightweight and won’t hold up to heavy equipment.

But, it is a necessary first step for newcomers to vlogging and a very respectable option in its own right. It’s cheap, cheerful and comes with some decent features. It has a quick release feature with its mounting plate, allowing you to place your camera smoothly. This is ideal for quickly checking footage when shooting yourself. It also comes with a bag for easy transportability.

There are many better options if you’re going to take vlogging seriously. However, AmazonBasics offers a real lifeline for lowly first-time vloggers looking to get into the game. Okay, the panning feature is clunky and the tripod itself may look cheap. But this tripod is not designed for smooth or seamless movement shots. It is designed as an entry level static tripod. If you’re just getting into the vlogging format, this is for you.


  • Lightweight plastic build
  • Comes with a pack-away bag
  • Very affordable
  • Full-sized adjustable height of 60 inches


  • Plastic construction won’t hold up to heavy equipment
  • Pan and tilt function is poor for video


Who’s it for?: Newcomer studio vloggers. It can be adjusted for every kind of shot you could need, making it fairly versatile. You can also take it outside if you so wish. Just don’t expect smooth panning shots.

Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK – The avid filmmaker vlogger looking for smooth panning shots

Manfrotto sees a considerable jump in price tag. It is a popular option for both filmmakers and vloggers, and it’s a particular favorite of YouTube vloggers. If you are looking to raise your vlogging expertise, this model may well be worth a look. It features a fluid head which allows for those smooth tracking and panning shots. It has twin legs for added rigidity. It has a middle spreader for stability. It’s made of durable carbon-fiber and aluminum materials. In short, it’s a first-class durable tripod with full adjustability of height.

The tripod is, however, both expensive and heavy. It won’t be ideal for travel vloggers and may be overkill for some studio vloggers. What it does, it does competently. You can expect long durability, great stability and, most of all, smooth tracking and tilt shots for creative vloggers. This is all aided by an incredibly ergonomic joystick-style handle. With quick release mechanisms and a regulated dial for precision movement, this tripod is a perfect all-rounder.


  • Durable
  • High-quality features and functionalities
  • Fluid head for tracking shot
  • User-friendly design
  • Offers great Stability for still shots


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

Who’s it for?: Experienced vloggers looking to make more complex and cinematic videos. If you’re new to the vlogging game, you may want to give this one a miss. However, if you’re looking for superior stability, ease of use and tracking, this is the one.

CamRah iPhone Tripod – For the fully mobile vlogger

Let’s face it: most YouTube vloggers are mostly mobile. Since your smartphone can handle most of the functionalities of mid-range cameras, you can use it for your YouTube video coverage. For the smartphone vlogger, this CamRah option is an interesting alternative to the traditional camera route. Like the GorillaPod, this tripod is flexible and compact. It comes with adjustable, short legs which can be wrapped around objects. Unlike some other miniature flexible tripods, the CamRah features stiff legs which are more adept at traditional table-top use.

Of course, this tripod is designed for one kind of vlogger. But there’s no stopping traditional camera users from adapting their smartphone for travel vlogs. It is lightweight, easy to use and very inconspicuous. This allows for quick and simple on-the-go videos just about anywhere that is legally imaginable.


  • Flexible tripod leg stand
  • Tripod head is compatible with different smartphones
  • Includes a Bluetooth activated shutter
  • Affordable price


  • Poor tilting feature
  • Won’t get much height
  • Not versatile


Who’s it for?: Vloggers who have adopted the smartphone for their videos. It can be used to supplement studio videos and can even make desktop vlogs itself. Just don’t expect incredible functionality like pans or bird’s eye views.

Manfrotto MVMXPRO500US XPRO – For the quality-minded on-the-go vlogger

We’ve seen a few portable tripods which all err on the cheap and cheerful side. This monopod from Manfrotto is a little bit different. It features fluid tilts and can be adapted for static use too. In essence, it brings a professional touch to otherwise run-and-go videos. If you’re a budding documentarian, this vlogging tool may just be for you.

This is a highly adaptable outdoor tripod with great functionality. Imagine this: you’re in a crowd and can’t get a decent shot. Simply lift this tripod like a selfie stick and get a stunning shot.


  • Ergonomic and easy to carry
  • Versatile for static and moving shots
  • Sturdy but lightweight


  • Pans are not perfect
  • Expensive and not versatile

Who’s it for?: On-the-go travel vloggers who are looking for a high-quality and durable tripod. It performs great walk-and-talk recordings for documentary-minded vloggers.

Wrapping Up

Your tripod might just be what you need to boost your video quality and subsequently join the ranks of YouTube’s popular vloggers. Carefully peruse via our list of video tripods and based on your preferences. No doubt, we’ve covered every angle to make your decision easier. Let’s know your comments about the best video tripods for YouTube vloggers in the section below.